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common loon cribbage board

Cribbage Boards

Some of our standard cribbage boards are listed below. If you opt for a custom cribbage board, we'll work with you to make a board with your vision, whether it be a picture, photograph, or concept.  Cribbage King boards are handmade and hand-painted. They may also feature epoxy resin "rivers" in the middle or sides of the board. 

Each board is crafted from wood, measures a spacious 18 inches in diameter, and they are 1-inch thick. The large size makes pegging easier and more fun. 


In addition, Cribbage King pegs are a substantial, 4 times the the size of standard cribbage pegs. 

cribbage boards store

Cribbage Board Store

Resin River Cribbage Boards

Cribbage King now does one of the most unique cribbage boards made. Epoxy resin cribbage boards feature a round board with a resin river flowing through the center. These boards are 20 inches in diameter. They are custom made and the color or colors of the resin can be picked by the buyer. Resin can be red, purple, green, blue, green or just about any color or color combination you can think of. Resin is hard and durable, and these boards look great as decore on a table or coffee table. Contact today to request a custom resin cribbage board. ​

Unique Handmade Cribbage Boards:

  1. Hand-Painted Designs: Our handmade cribbage boards feature artwork that is hand-painted. Choose from unique designs that range from classic to whimsical. Cribbage King boards are more than just a game; they are conversation starters and centerpieces for your game nights.

  2. Large Boards and Pegs: Eighteen inch boards, large pegs, and generously spaced pegging lanes make pegging fun and points easy to count.

  3. Peg Options: Each board comes with large 7/16 inch wooden or metal pegs.

  4. Handcrafted: Cribbage boards are crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind. They are unique and fun to play. 

  5. Complete Set: Cribbage board sets come with pegs, playing cards, and a storage box for cards and pegs (optional).  

  6. Custom Art: Order a custom cribbage board and we'll recreate whatever image, art, or illustration you choose. 

  7. Unique Gift Idea: Cribbage King handmade boards make an original, thoughtful gift. Custom painted art can be designed to match the recipients interests, hobbies or passions, and a personalized message can be added to the back of the board.

Cribbage Boards Include:

1.  18" cribbage board

2. Three sets of oversized (7/16") pegs

3. A deck of playing cards

4. Peg and cards storage box (optional)

Cribbage board sets come with wooden or stainless steal pegs.  Card and cribbage peg storage box is optional. 

custom cribbage board
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