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Promotional Products for Small Business

Promote your business products with resin animals

If your commercial products are smaller in size we have a unique and creative way to capture the attention of your prospects, customers or decision makers. How about casting them in a clear resin animal? It's a  Introducing an innovative and captivating way to showcase your products - gleaming in it's transparent body upon your customer's desk.


Glass animals are heavy, and make great paperweights as well as desk decorations. This creative and attention-grabbing approach ensures that your products remain in the forefront of your target audience's minds, making a lasting impression and enhancing brand recognition.

Ideal products include small electronics, components, toys, candy, jewelry, matchbox cars, golf balls, credit cards or collector cards, pocket knives, keychains, tool accessories, and much more.  


Don't let your small products go unnoticed – let them shine within our resin animal creations and seize the spotlight today!


Products must fit in either the frog (approx 2" x 1.5") or turtle body (approx 3.5" x 2.5").

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(303) 653-5112

Fort Collins, Colorado

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Small Business Promotional Products
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