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Cribbage board adorned with an enchanting hand-painted image of a wolf and a fox. The board measures a generous 18 inches in diameter and 1" thick, providing ample space for an immersive gaming experience. Its round design adds a touch of uniqueness to your cribbage games. 


The oversized 3/9 inch pegs, fashioned from solid resin, are easy to see and handle. Each peg fits snugly into the board, promising stability and precision as you keep track of your score.

Painted with acrylics and coated with epoxy resin, it boasts a glossy finish that enhances the richness of the colors and protects the artwork. 


Add a splash of color and a dash of wilderness to your gaming collection with this unique and captivating cribbage board, available now for $169.

The Wolf and The Fox Cribbage Board

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