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Giraffe cribbage board will stand out on game night. Featuring a giraffe sketch encased in epoxy resin, this cribbage board measures 18" in diameter and is 1 inch thick, round, wood and spacious providing provides a stable surface for easy pegging and tracking scores. 


This board is equipped it with oversized large 3/8" pegs, making pegging easier. Say goodbye to squinting and struggling to track points and scores – with our board, every move is clear and effortless.


Each board comes complete with a cards and three sets ofg pegs. And with free shipping (in the USA) included, this board is a deal. Order today for just $159 and add this unique and fun piece to your collection. 

Giraffe Sketch Cribbage Board

Excluding Sales Tax |
Pre-ordered boards are shipped 7-10 days from purchase.
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