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Glass Resin Animals: Home, Office, and Garden Decor

Updated: Jan 19

glass decorative frogs

Cribbage King has added a line of glass resin animals that are on sale now.

In the world of decor, it's the unique and the distinctive that captures our attention and adds character to our spaces. Glass resin animals promise to elevate your home, office, or garden aesthetics. Cribbage King has introduced a new line to their game and cribbage board shop (

glass resin animals

Whether you're looking to adorn your living room, office desk, or garden, these glass resin animals offer a versatile and charming solution. The meticulously crafted designs make them suitable for various settings, blending seamlessly with different interior and exterior styles. The animals range in size from 4" to 8" long, making them perfect for both statement pieces and subtle accents.

glass animals gecko
home decor lizard

These glass resin animals are not only visually striking but also boast a solid, heavy construction. The weightiness of each piece adds a sense of substance and permanence, ensuring they become enduring fixtures in your space.

decorative turtles

Start a collection of charming glass resin turtles, each one reflecting the light in a unique way. These delightful creatures bring a sense of tranquility and charm to your living spaces, making them ideal for shelves, mantels, or coffee tables. They also come with a hanger and mounting pin for hanging on walls.

The weather-resistant nature of these creations makes them ideal for outdoor use. Enliven your garden with the subtle beauty of glass resin turtles basking in the sun or whimsical frogs perched among the flowers.

Elevate your spaces with these solid, heavy, and visually stunning pieces, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your home, office, or garden.



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