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The Ultimate Cribbage Experience: "Table Size" Cribbage Boards and Pegs

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Pegging on small cribbage boards can be a pain. Moving small, cheap, plastic pegs is frustrating. It's far too common to knock your opponent's peg from its track while trying to navigate tightly spaced pegging tracks. For those seeking a unique cribbage experience, Cribbage King table size cribbage boards and pegs feature a sizable playing surface and bigger pegs that are both functional and eye-catching.

Most cribbage boards I see are cheap, chinese-made plastic products pieces of crap built by people and companies that don't know cribbage from cabbage. Perhaps they are made by tiny people or fairy's with little fingers. But for the average adult, there is a better way to play this glorious game. King-sized boards with oversized pegs offer a more expansive design for pegging and tracking scores.

Large metal cribbage board pegs

Cribbage King handmade decorative cribbage boards not only make pegging more comfortable, they are a visually appealing way to enjoy this classic card game. They are also ideal for peggers with vision impairments or arthritis.

Why Oversized Cribbage Boards?

Enhanced Visibility: Our oversized cribbage boards feature larger holes and pegs, 4 times the size of standard, making it easier to see and track your progress. Say goodbye to squinting or knocking pegs out of their holes.

Improved Ergonomics: The bigger pegs are not only easier to hold but also reduce the strain on your fingers. This is especially important for players who may have dexterity issues. Pegging holes are spaced to allow plenty of room for pegging without disturbing other player's pegs.

Unique Artwork: Oversized cribbage boards are handmade, hand painted, stained and sealed. Each board is unique with hand drawn artwork and graphics to make them aesthetically unique and decorative. Cribbage King boards make for conversation-starting additions to your game room, recreation area, cabin, or business lobby.

Unique Gaming Experience: Playing cribbage on an oversized board is a unique, easy, fun and memorable. Not only are they unique but they enhances the playing experience.

For All Ages: Whether you're introducing the game to younger players or playing with veterans, our oversized cribbage boards are ideal for all ages.

Great Gifts: Cribbage King coffee table sized cribbage boards and pegsare a great gift idea. They can be made with custom artwork and/or personalized in 5 days or less. They make a memorable and unique gift for any cribbage fan.

large wooden cribbage board pegs

Oversized Pegs: A Game Changer

Our oversized pegs make Cribbage King Boards different and fun to play.

Easy Handling: The larger size of the pegs make them easy to grasp, even for those with limited hand mobility. Pegs are made of stainless steel or wood.

Distinctive Style: The oversized pegs not only serve a functional purpose but also add a distinctive style to your cribbage board. They're available in various finishes to match your board's aesthetic.

Peg and Card Storage: Cribbage King boards can include storage for pegs and cards. Storage compartments are built into the bottom of the board for easy access.

Cribbage is a timeless game that deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. CK oversized wooden cribbage boards are designed to elevate your game experience. They are more accessible, comfortable, and visually appealing.

Visit Cribbage King today to check out our variety of in-stock cribbage boards and/or order a custom cribbage board.

Oversized cribbage board pegs

Jon Mullett


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