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Visit our online shop and browse our collection of in stock cribbage boards. Each board features custom graphics and they're sure to enhance your living room, man cave, she shed, or game room. In-stock cribbage boards are typically shipped within 24 hours. 

round cribbage board with black stallion

Our custom cribbage boards can be designed and personalized just for you. We hand paint each board with your image and offer several options including: stain color, top coat type (glossy or matte), paint colors, and even shape.  You provide the theme (picture) and we'll recreate it. It can be an animal, logo, product, photograph, painting, or even a concept. Cribbage King boards are unique, and make thoughtful and memorable gifts.

About CK Cribbage Boards

Experience Cribbage King cribbage boards that feature a massive 18" wide diameter and oversized pegs/pegging holes. These unique boards are fun to play and personalized with custom artwork or designs. Pegs are four times the diameter of standard cribbage pegs, making them easy to move and track pegging points. Order a  CUSTOM CRIBBAGE BOARD with whatever design you'd like. Or shop our IN STOCK CRIBBAGE BOARDS and discover an addition to your cribbage board collection. Graphics are often hand painted so each design is unique. Most boards are shipped in about 5-7 days.


We also offer RESIN ANIMALS decorations that can be placed in your home, patio or garden. This includes a collection of turtles, frogs, lizards and snails.

Thank you for supporting small business. 

decorative glass frog
  •  Home, office, patio or garden decorations

  • Comes with wall mounting hardware

  • Unique gift idea​

About Cribbage King Boards
  • Large 18" cribbage board

  • oversized 3/8 inch cribbage pegs

  • Peg options: wood, stainless steel or glass resin

  • Hand-crafted

  • Three tracks for 2, 3 or 4 player games

  • Personalized or custom designs

  • Optional storage box for pegs and cards

  • Each board is unique - personalized gift idea

  • Comes with cards and pegs

  • Options include wood stain color, epoxy resin top coat or oil based sealant, epoxy resin river, peg material, and more.

cribbage pegs
custom cribbage board
Free Shipping in the USA
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