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Is cribbage competitive?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Cribbage can be a competitive game. Players can find a number of competitive groups and tournaments online. The game is typically played with two players, but can also be played with three or four players. The game is won by the player who is the first to reach a certain number of points, typically 121. Points can be earned in various ways, such as by forming certain combinations of cards, by being the first to play all of one's cards, or by pegging (counting) points during the play of the cards. Cribbage can be a very intense and competitive game, especially when played at a high level. However, the level of competitiveness can vary depending on the players involved and their personal preferences.

Muggins is a competitive version of the game Cribbage, where if a player forgets to peg a point, or misses points when counting their hand or crib, and their opponent notices, the opponent can claim the point for themselves. This variation is also known as "cutthroat", "hit and miss" or "stealing points. This variation adds an element of strategy and attention to detail to the game, as players must be careful not to make mistakes that their opponents can take advantage of.

Professional cribbage refers to the competitive play of the card game Cribbage at a high level. This can include organized tournaments, leagues, and competitions with cash prizes or other incentives for the winners. Professional cribbage players often have a high level of skill and knowledge of the game, and may even make a living through their winnings or sponsorships.

A list of competitive cribbage tournaments can be found here.

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