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How to find cribbage clubs and groups?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In my opinion, nothing beats cribbage face to face using a real board. Technology has created many forms of online or electronic cribbage, but it's not quite the same. Part of the beauty of the game is the time you spend with friends or getting to meet someone new - in person. How do you find cribbage clubs and groups?

There are a variety of ways to find fellow cribbage players. Online forums like Meetup

finding cribbage groups

and Facebook Groups are a good place to start. You may also look for breweries, pubs, restaurants and bars have cribbage boards or hose cribbage nights. Another option is to post on Nextdoor to see if anyone in your community is interested in playing or starting a group.

Here's a list of options for finding other cribbage players:

  1. Search Google for "cribbage clubs near me" or "cribbage groups in [your city]." This will likely pull up a list of local clubs or groups that meet to play cribbage.

  2. Check out the American Cribbage Congress website. They are a grass roots non-profit that supports cribbage groups all across the country. The ACC is also the official governing body for competitive cribbage. Here's a link to their Club Directory.

  3. Cribbage tournaments and events are excellent opportunities to meet other players. These can be found at a local, regional, or even national level. Keep an eye on local event listings, visit local game shops, and check for announcements on cribbage forums. Attending a tournament or event can be a fun and competitive way to find new cribbage friends. check out the ACC's upcoming cribbage tournaments and events schedule. Interested in going to the granddaddy of all tournaments? The American Cribbage Congress Grand National Tournament will be held in Virginia Beach on October 14-15. See more information or sign up for the ACC National Tournament here.

  4. If you prefer to play cribbage online, there are various platforms available that connect players from all around the world. Websites and apps like Cribbage Pro, Cribbage Classic, Cribbage JD, Cribbage Online, and SafeHarborGames offer a platform to play cribbage with others. You can make new friends, challenge them to games, and even engage in conversations about your shared interest in cribbage.

Join online cribbage communities or forums. This can be a great way to connect with other cribbage enthusiasts and find out about local groups or meetups.

  1. If all above failed, you can also start your own cribbage club like I did (Fort Collins Cribbage Meetup Group) Or reach out to your friends, neighbors, and family members to start a regular game night. There are also online leagues and tournaments that can be found online.


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